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Sep 19, 2008

learn Quran in easy steps


I am trying to bring quran in such a way, that we can remember the meaning easily

like i am writing down first the heading which outlines what Allah (swt) is going to explain or order in the next verses, so we will get an overview what the verses are actually meant for.

inshallah keep reading topic wise we will understand it

for ease i am posting only one topic daily inshallah

Click here: Quran verse of the day

Sep 18, 2008

Learn basics of islam along with proofs


This is a good book bringing "all" the daily pratices of a muslim in the light of Quran and Hadith with proofs

I am really thankful to the writer for this work mashallah

This book is a according to hanafi madhab

a good begin for a new muslim

Download: Click here

note: i happen to keep the wrong link, now its rectified alhamdulilla