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Feb 28, 2009

Women in Islam, Respect given by Allah


This work is under process(it is a translation to a urdu speech), all the Quran verses and hadiths will be placed with reference and the urdu words will be replaced with english inshaAllah, please remember in duas

Oh! My daughters please read the Quran; I wish you read it,
Please listen to Quran of Allah, the respect Allah has given to you.
I wish you understand,
What has Europe given to you, what west has given to you, they have given you shamelessness, they have made you sell your bodies, they have hung you in the markets, they have dipped you in alcohol. Its Islam, which has made you sit on the sky. But there should be someone who could read it. But when you keep the spectacles of kufr (i.e you see as the things as non-believers), then how you will understand Quran.
Not only this, listen ahead my friends, listen to Allah’s Quran, the respect it has given
Allah says: those who find fault (tohmath, aib) with the pure wives, innocent wives, believing wives, those who say they have done zina, for such people there is La,nath of Allah In this world and in the here after and they have a heavy punishment

Imagine the position the women has near Allah, Allah says the pure women and the innocent women, who doesn’t know any chalaki of this world, and the women who believe Allah and his prophet, if some one charges such women then Allah says, there is wrath of Allah on them in this world and the hereafter and they have a heavy punishment.

With this Allah has opened two rulings in the Quran

if some person charges a women with zina, may Allah forbid. Saying she drinks alcohol or something, its not that, but saying she has indulged in zina, because in islam, the biggest important thing is the respect of women. That is why the disbelievers have removed the importance of women. For them women are just like a cup of tea, now one drinks from that cup after sometime some other drinks, then again wash and keep it, what valve do they give to women. Near them its just that there should be no quarrel, both should be always raazi. That people who say zina is a business, what should we explain to them about the status of women. Even now if you go to the European countries and those dirty places and markets, some women there feel its business, infact there will be advertisements and telephone numbers of women and addresses. And in that adds they write In such a way about women that a man from period of jahilaya also cannot read it. This is the respect of women (the non-believers give). What do such people know of women ?. they say we have given respect to women,

so, the two rulings are

1. if some person charges a pure women and believing women of fornication. Then what should he do, he should either bring witness, he should prove that the charge he has made is true. It not that you say what ever you like. But my brother in such community where zina is not zina, in the community where sin is not a sin, it is a business. Once I was going with a friend in his vehicle, I always make fun with him, when I sat inside, he locked the doors. I said with fun to him,do you think I will run away from your car, why are you locking the door. He said maulana if I don’t lock the door, then at traffic signals, women will come and sit inside, then they will tell you to give money, otherwise they will shout and charge you with false accustations. Now where the situation is like this, how they will know what is a women. Where for playing juwa there is women, to make drink there is a women. Then what will happen to them.
Its with the eye of justice if you see islam then you will understand,
If a person charges a pure women with fornication and cant produce a witness, then the punishment in islam is, this punishment is not given by a normal jury but the Quran of Allah.
Allah says, who charge pure women with fornication and after charging they cant produce four witness

You would not have looked over this thing, but please concentrate, on the biggest of the biggest issues, even if the issue is of billions, we have only two witnesses

Verse for 2 witness

But when the issue of womens image has come, Allah says two witness are not sufficient, we need four witness, the women is so expensive that even the billions of rupees cant compete with her. Money may come back after sometime, but when the respect of women is taken away, how can it be returned, who can return it
Then Allah says, if he cant bring four witness, then beat him 80 lashes. Because he has made a false accusation without proof.
Even after beating the punishment is not over, Allah says until he is alive, we shouldn’t consider his witness, he is the worst man and his witness shouldn’t be taken in future.
If he repents then Allah will forgive him

2. now if someone charges his own wife, see it is not a game to say anything about a women, even though she is your wife


if he charges his wife and couldn’t bring four witness, then he should stand infront of people and say for four times “ If I have told false then may Allah send his wrath on me” and fifth time he should say “I get the la’nath of Allah “

This is the respect of women, this is the importance of women, this is the position of women, that no body can open their mouth over women. No body can charge her without any reason, even though she is the wife, no body can talk what ever he likes about her. If Allah gives strength please read the sur-e-nur as many times as you can and see the respect Allah has given to women in Islam.

If Allah gives us understanding and in our heart we have the importance of Allah’s Quran, I mean if we understand the position of Quran and the sayings of Allah.
Quran is the complete and wonderful book Allah has sent to us. That is why I say if someones name comes on the kings tongue then there will be some importance of the person of whom the king is talking.

Allah has spoken specially of women in this Quran, In which there are facts about the Prophets, in which Allah has given his orders and his likings, with this Quran Allah has raised the humans from their dirty lives upto the skies
In such a book, if Allah has spoken of women. What can be the big reference than this that the women have the great position near Allah

I wish the women could understand, see one child always wants to go and play outside, he also wants to do swimming, and go and ride the bike on the river side, it doesn’t mean that if they are not allowed by their parents, then the child is not independent. A small boy is there and what ever he gets in his hand he catches it and suppose there is a knife in his hand, then how the parents run towards him, to take off that knife, now are they taking away his human rights, do we say if he is taking the knife then let him beat with it where ever he likes. If our commonsense is locked, if we keep the name of behayayi as freedom and if we keep the name of selling of bodies of women as right of human, then we cant even do the matam of this

Feb 25, 2009

Trying to be extra-ordinary, a path to misleading


so i am a bit free now, and i was thinking about our state today

so i got a thought and i went back to the speech i heard many years ago, which was delivered by makki al-hijazi

so his point was, today muslims (especially who are inclined towards religion) are trying to be extra-ordinary, because they want to show that they have a good understanding of islam or they have more knowledge. so because of this when a normal discussion goes on, they bring in such a topic, which the ulema and the salaf have neglected for the reason that laymen may get confused.
they use this thing even in the speeches

and i feel even we have such a thinking, even on this forum (yes, even me)

so moulana said eventually we will go out in finding out such extra-ordinary things (which were neglected by the elders) and leave the original things we require for us. thus the outcome is the misleading from the true religion and getting the deviant thoughts

p.s: i have now realised that, by having such thought, if they dont get deviat atleast they make others get such deviant thoughts