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Dec 28, 2008


Every thing on earth we see, is created by someone or other, if there we say it came by itself then we wont believe it.
For example, we two are walking in the forest,
we see a barren home there in the center of forest,
if i say it came here by itself, then u will not believe me,
inturn u will say to me how can this home come here by itself, no doubt someone has built it,
i will say, what is the proof that some one has built it, can u see any human around, or any sign of human existence here ?
then who is going to build this home here, then u will tell to me this important point, " listen to me carefully, if human is not present here, it doesnt mean he didnt build this one, because we are seeing a thing which cant be created by itself, surely some human happen to come here and he prepared this home and now he went away from here, so there is no body around "

now similarly, if we see on this earth, there is life and many other things, how did they come here, by themselves ?, ok if at all there was a bang and life came to existence, then the bang took place from a solid substance and chemicals, and if changes came and then life came to existence from that bang, then think for a moment, can a solid substance be changed into life or a chemical substance can be changed into life, its an open challenge to all scientists who have lived to date and are going to come, can they prepare a living thing ?, no they cant, they cant even create a living thing of size of a mosquito. Then when a single home which is not living thing cant come into existence in the forest, then how can the living thing which has so much sophisticated function with brain controlling all the parts itself, and telling u what to do and what not to do, can come by itself. Surely there is some one who has created us and controlling all these things.

Its only Allah who can create it, and He doesn’t require any process to do that, he just says “ kun (be)” and thing will come into existence. This is the same Allah to whom Jews pray, who claim to be followers of Musa (Moses), who was sent by Allah. This is the same Allah to whom Christians say is the father of Isa (Jesus) , and he was also sent by same Allah, and this is the same Allah whom all the religions say there is only one God, but yet they cant make distinction between a human like them, who gets ill and dies and the One who is clean of those things.

Finally a saying of Hazrath Ali , he said “ I thought of doing some things, though I want to do it, I couldn’t do those things, and I thought of not doing somethings, though I really didn’t want to do them but I ended up doing them. On this I was sure that what ever I cant do what ever I like, but Allah makes us do what he likes”

And the above saying is not just the experience of Ali , every human being faces this thing, every human likes to do somethings, though they want to do it, they cant do that. Why ?, if every thing is automatic like worlds creation and other things and doesn’t need control of anybody, then why is that we cant do what ever we think of doing, I am not talking of things which we like to do and don’t have resources, but I am talking of things of which we have total ability to do and yet we cant do, if everything depends on our thinking and determination, then why cant we complete those things.

Dec 4, 2008

Sunnah way of Personal Security


just sometime a ago, a woman was telling her servant that we are leaving home for 5 days and even our son will be going to job from morning to evening etc...

so i informed her about this and though of sharing here too, it may benifit some

well the point i want to talk was about personal security, when can we be secure from others plans and actions

we can only be secure when others dont know about us, for example no one knows our identity on sunniforum, now if i scold somebody here, he cant hurt me since he doesnt know me.

so Prophet Mohammed (saw) has taught us by his actions and sayings, that we can be secure only if hide our information from others, we can see this mainly when Prophet was going in the path of Allah. He would never let anyone know where he is going. He would say in the last moment, that we are going to this place, thus he wouldnt give any chance to enemy spy to know the information, and we know once the spy gets the information then its like revealing everything to the enemy. the enemy will prepare all way possible to fight the muslim army.

so we have to apply the same thing here, if we want to be secure from actions of others, we shouldnt reveal our information. for example the lady above revealed all the information about when they are going and coming to the servant, there is every possibilty for servant to plan anything like stealing something from the house etc...

not only this, we can be apply this to our business or anything


revealing information is like creating means(azbaab) for our loss, so hide the information and do dua, Allah is the saviour