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Dec 4, 2008

Sunnah way of Personal Security


just sometime a ago, a woman was telling her servant that we are leaving home for 5 days and even our son will be going to job from morning to evening etc...

so i informed her about this and though of sharing here too, it may benifit some

well the point i want to talk was about personal security, when can we be secure from others plans and actions

we can only be secure when others dont know about us, for example no one knows our identity on sunniforum, now if i scold somebody here, he cant hurt me since he doesnt know me.

so Prophet Mohammed (saw) has taught us by his actions and sayings, that we can be secure only if hide our information from others, we can see this mainly when Prophet was going in the path of Allah. He would never let anyone know where he is going. He would say in the last moment, that we are going to this place, thus he wouldnt give any chance to enemy spy to know the information, and we know once the spy gets the information then its like revealing everything to the enemy. the enemy will prepare all way possible to fight the muslim army.

so we have to apply the same thing here, if we want to be secure from actions of others, we shouldnt reveal our information. for example the lady above revealed all the information about when they are going and coming to the servant, there is every possibilty for servant to plan anything like stealing something from the house etc...

not only this, we can be apply this to our business or anything


revealing information is like creating means(azbaab) for our loss, so hide the information and do dua, Allah is the saviour


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  1. Indeed Allah the almighty the creator and the master of heaven and earth and whatever in between, sustainer of every living being.. is our SAVIOUR and the path to hold on to is the one shown by HIS beloved final messenger Muhammad (pbu). Lets not be late to understand it.


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