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Sep 10, 2010

Eid Mubarak


Dear all brothers and friends 

" EID MUBARAK " to you all

Md. Abdul Quddus

Sep 5, 2010

Know in detail before you act

There is a nasihah probably of umar . He says " Judge a person only after staying with him ". It means that when you stay with a person for some time, then you will know the true color of a person. 

For example I once met a doctor who is more respectable in the region. Initially I thought he was very righteous. But I had some work with him and I had to go to him for few days. But soon I realized he is a professional lier. It is my bad habit that I recheck all the things before accepting any word from others. So when I rechecked the things he said, I was astonished to the level and style of his lying.

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Our mutual relationship

How far are we related to our brothers and sisters these days? This recent incident has moved my heart so much. One girl's father passed away on Jumatul widah. One friend of this girl who lives in other city didn't come to see her because she was in her husband's house. Few days later the girl whose father died called to her friend and asked her to come to her home. Her mental state was not good and was subjected to severe shock as her father was not much old. However the husband agreed, but the father of his wife doesn't want her daughter to go there, only because he is afraid that her husband's family would feel bad.


Till here everything is good but what has hurt me is that the father of this girl told her "is she your relative to worry about?"

Are we expected to say such words as a muslim ?

Sep 3, 2010

The Ramazan is on End


I know it has been a long time back since I actually posted on my blog. I was busy with some not more useful things on earth... But now alhamdulillah I thought I should be back to my islamic life (which was a sort of out of order since few months). Yeah, I know Islamic life doesnt mean that I should start blogging, but how ever I would like to write some islamic perspectives of mine. 

However the month of Ramazan is at an end and unfortunately the time has gone waste till now. Please pray to Allah that we get more ikhlas and strength to pray in this end times of Ramazan

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