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Feb 25, 2009

Trying to be extra-ordinary, a path to misleading


so i am a bit free now, and i was thinking about our state today

so i got a thought and i went back to the speech i heard many years ago, which was delivered by makki al-hijazi

so his point was, today muslims (especially who are inclined towards religion) are trying to be extra-ordinary, because they want to show that they have a good understanding of islam or they have more knowledge. so because of this when a normal discussion goes on, they bring in such a topic, which the ulema and the salaf have neglected for the reason that laymen may get confused.
they use this thing even in the speeches

and i feel even we have such a thinking, even on this forum (yes, even me)

so moulana said eventually we will go out in finding out such extra-ordinary things (which were neglected by the elders) and leave the original things we require for us. thus the outcome is the misleading from the true religion and getting the deviant thoughts

p.s: i have now realised that, by having such thought, if they dont get deviat atleast they make others get such deviant thoughts

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