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Aug 8, 2008

How to get ECNR done ?

he he he dont get shocked why i am posting it here

i have got it done recently and know how hard it is when u dont know anything about passports

The process is :

1. Take form no.2 (for miscellaneous service), along with this u also get personal details form. 
2. Fill in the forms.
3. Attach copies of memos(tenth, intetr, degree), provisional, degree. Hey but now they do ECNR even if u have tenth memo lolz, during my time u had to b graduate for getting ECNR.
4. In case ur present address is different from permanent address then u should show 1 year proof of present address.
5. Now go to token counter and take the token number.
6. In the passport office u will have a file on which " re-issue passport " will be written, take that file keep ur form and copies of memos etc and tag them.
7. Wait for ur token number to be called, then u have to show ur originals to the officer, he will take ur form and original passport and ask u to wait.
8. when all the forms are taken then he will call ur names again, at that time u have to go and pay the amount of Rs. 300 for ECNR
9. Your passport will be issued back in 3 or 4 days.

thats it, dont go to agents and waste ur money, its so easy

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