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Mar 7, 2009

Need for an effort of our own eman


some things are needed to be remembered again and again

May Allah forgive us

By spring garden (Sunniforum)

We dont know in what condition our Iman would eventually end up in, that is why we should fear and place our hope in Allah subhanahu wa Ta'ala regarding our Iman. When a kuffar is born in kufr, raised in kufr, lived in kufr then to die in kufr is usual. And Allah Ta'ala is Most Merciful Most Kind, He granted some of those who has lived their lives in kufr to die in Iman. But for a born muslim like us, mukmin like us, who lives by the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who evryday wakes up with Iman and goes to bed with Iman, we nonetheless should still fear, because among those who has lived their lives in Iman, there are still those who died without Iman.
That is why the effort on Iman is critical.

Throughout our lives we have been blessed with countless nikmats(blessings) from Allah subhanahu wa Ta'ala.. and Iman is the biggest nikmat a believer can ever have. That is why the effort on Iman is essential.

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