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May 13, 2009

How women move in tabligh ?

1. one is eligible to travel in masturath jamath to far of places(within tthe country) only when the mahram has spent minimum 40 days and women should have spent atleast 10 days or 3 days for 3 or more times(dont exactly remember)

2. all should gather at the khawatin manzil (a special place(mostly houses) only for women to gather, which is present in every halqa or division). i.e the mahram will come and leave his wife at the house and he will go to the masjid which is nearby and all men gather there to do mashwara

3. while leaving for a station or airport, the mahram goes to the house where women stay and take his partner to the station (most of the time vehicles of local sathis are used for this purpose)

4. while travelling they should sit with their mahram, for example like in a bus the women should sit near window side and man on general side

5. after reaching the destination, again the women travel to khawatin manzil along with their mahrams and the men then go to the masjid near by

if the mahram is husband, then husband is allowed to sleep with his wife in turns, i.e if two are more pairs are present, they are allowed to get together one after another based on the capacity of seperate rooms khawatin manzil has and it should have minimum of one

if the mahram is daughter or sister then the mahram can meet her anytime when there is no ijtemai amal

in this way the mahrams meet with their partners almost every day

so where are they left alone, away from their mahrams ??

khawatin manzils are the most secure places for any women traveller to stay in, they are mainly houses in which a seperate flat is given for jamats and the family of that house also stays there, manzils are not seperate houses or flats where only women have to stay, even the other members of halqa stay with them



i have seen masturat jamaats travelling in a van with a male driver and their mahram in a seperate vehicle to and from the destiination


if the vehicle resources are less, then they might have gone, but atleast one of the mahrams will travel with them

i have also seen each pair(10 couples(2 jamaths)) brought in a seperate vehicle to the markaz

its a common practice that women travel in autos and rikhshaws. atleast here they are having their mahrams following the vehicle


  1. Alhamdulillah , i have spent my some valuable time if masturaat jamaat and it is 4 times for 3 days.In bangladesh we can spent 10 or 20 days after passing time 3 days for 3 times with masturaat jamaat.So i am planning for 20 days.I think this masturaat jamaat is very important for the woman as well as man.
    Thank you for this good and important posting.

  2. Asalamu alaykum,

    Hey bro, can you tell me who the big shaykhs are that are at Nizamuddin markaz?

    JazakAllah Khayr


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