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Jul 25, 2009

Saying's of Moulana Ibrahim Dewla


I begin in the name of Allah

These are some of the notes i happen to write in the speech of Moulana Ibrahim Dewla. This speech was delivered in the gathering where there were almost all of the elders of various states all over India.

Ml. Ibrahim Dewla is the top scholar of tabligh

and the people he was talking to were those who spend their lives in tabligh

SubhanAllah what type of words he is telling to them

1. Jahalat ka muqaabla akhlaq say karo

(When some one talks to you in a bad way, then behave with him in a well manner)

2. Burai ko bhalai say duur karo

(When you see something bad(commiting sin) in a person, then remove that bad habit with good words)

3. Ye kaam vasila hai, asal kaam sunnat aur shariah pay chalna hai, jaisay wazu vasila hai namaz ka

(The work of tabligh is a means, while the important work is to follow sunnah and shariah, just as doing wadhu is a means for praying salah)

4.  Kaam may Quality hona chahiye, quantity nahi (yes, he said those words in english :) )

(There should be quality in work, not quantity)

5. Deen may jitni qhobi paida ki jaasakti hai, karna chahiye

(We should try to reach the highest possible status in islam)

6. Apnay sathi kay andar sifaat lana, bahut badi zimmedaari hai

(Bringing the qualties of islam in our friends is a very great responsibility)

7. Jiskay paas Taqwa hai, unka kaam khubool hoga

(Who has fear of Allah, only their work is accepted)

8. Vasail ko karna hai taakay asal tak pahunch jaaye, agar vasail may hi pad jayengay toh phir deen ek rasam banjayega, jo sirf dikhanay kay khabil hoga.

(We should adpot means(work of tabligh) to reach the target(following sunnah and shariah), if we just follow means, then islam will become ritual, which will be just for showing others)

9. Hamaray pass sachai hai, dikhawa nahi, isi ki inshaAllah Allah tareef karega

(We have the truth, not showing off. Allah will inshaAllah praise this)

10. Kaam phaylana alag hai, aur jaan padna alag hai, hamay kaam may jaan chahiye. Mawiya RaziAllahu anhu kay zamanay may deen khoob phela, lekin Umar RaziAllahu anhu kay zamanay may jaan thi. Hamaray kaam may jaan ho

(Spreading the work is a different thing and developing potential in the work is a different thing. In the time of Mawiya RaziAllahu anhu, islam was spread very much. But in the time of Umar RaziAllahu anhu there was potentiality in islam. We need potential work)

11. House may paani jaha say jaata hai, waha mehnat karna chahiye

(The place where the water leaks from the tank, we have to work on that part)


updated 28/7

12. doh mahinay isliye hai, k sathi apna kaam basirath kay sath karay 

(one should spend 2 months in markaz, so that they can be able to do work with understanding)

13. doh mahinay dawat aur khidmat kay liye hai

(2 months are for giving dawah and to serve)

14. Yaha loug kaam samajnay aatay hai, toh unko samhalnay waalay chahiye

(People come here to understand tabligh, so we need people to server them)

15. Jab logoun ko kaam samjao gay, toh nustath paida hogi deen ki

(When you teach people about the work of tabligh, then they will also help in spreading the islam)

16. kaam waha accha hoga jaha koi poochnay wala nahi

(The work will be done better, where people dont even ask you)

17. Mehnath magsad kay liye hoti hai, mehnath mehnath kay liye nahi hoti. Tabligh chalnay phirnay kay liye nahi, deen ko zindagi may laanay kay liye hai

(The work is done to get some result, work is not done just because we have to work. Tabligh is not just for moving here and there, its to bring islam in our lives)

18. kaam ho na ho, ummat phatna nahi chahiye.

(Even if the work of tabligh is not done, one shouldnt divide ummah)

19. Allah say kaam ki basirath maangna chahiye

(We should ask Allah for understanding of tabligh)

20. Bayroon ka safar shouk kay liye math karo, warna jamath tut jaye gi

(Do not travel to foreign countries just for your liking, else the jamath will not function properly)



  1. i like molana ibrahim dwlas bayaan ............... but my dear writer. please add mayaanat of molana dawaood sb mewati (Ameerun Nisa) i want mastoorat bayant in internet

  2. Its a really nice to read the saying of moulana ibrahim dewla. Its a great points which he shared. Thanks for that.

  3. Jazak'Allah khairan. Very enlightening.

  4. mashallah very good points

    may Allah reward you for sharing

  5. mowlana is an inspiration, jzkllah for the upload


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