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Oct 18, 2009

Leave the controversies and unite


People should remember tabligh has reached out to various peoples of different backgrounds

you cannot hope everyone to follow what u think is best

there are various examples here

a brother whos father is shia and mother is sunni, he also joins us and listens to us, if we start to tell him that u should get bayah to a sunni sheikh as shais are deviant, do u think he will listen to what we say ?

another brothers mother is sunni and her husband is mahdvi, he also comes in gusht etc.. so if we say ur father is deviant will he come ?

my classmate who hails from a pure shia family, used to attend our ijtema in college, now if we start saying to him, that shias are deviant, will he come ?

similarly there are issues with tasawwuf and not all of them follow, if we start saying zikr means u should get bayah to sheikh, then will they come to tabligh ? (i too doesnt follow tasawwuf)

this is the reason tabligh doesnt promote controversial issues, since its aim is to join the ummah.

If some one feels that something is important, let him follow it personally, please do not try to impose it on others who dont like to follow, this will cause only division. Surely guidance is in the hands of Allah, we should do dua for guidance of others if they think that others are wrong

Moulana Saad said dont speak of the shortcomings of ummah, speak of the good qualities which you want others to have

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