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Nov 24, 2009

Overcome the barriers to understand the truth

It does not matter what effort a person is doing, we all need to make sure that we do not make mistakes in quoting religious scripture.

At first, if a person is not a Hafidh and they are not scholars, it's best not to quote in Arabic. If a person feels that they must do it for Allah knows best what reasons, then they should make sure that they are not relying on their memory but rather, they should have it written out on paper. If not that, then have a Hafiz sit with you to correct your Quran mistakes. If not that, then at least once it's recorded, go over the recording and if you come across any mistakes, edit them out. We all make mistakes but steps should be taken to rectify it instead of putting it up online with so many mistakes. Some of those files have been up for years and I don't want to start dropping names and calling out people, but this is a very important issue and Tabligh dealt with it many years ago.

Tasawwuf Peers should implement the same rule as well. If I had Khalifahs :), I would keep my out on them to make sure that they are not making such glaring obvious mistakes. If they did, I would point it out to them.

Whilst at it….Let me also point out that we all have scholars whom we love and whom we hold in high esteem. We all are affiliated with one Islamic group or another. If their mistake is ever pointed out, we should take a deep breath and ask ourselves, “Is the mistake that is pointed out true or not?” If it is not, then we explain to the person that it is a misunderstanding. If it is a mistake then we should be happy that the mistake was pointed out about our “Sheikh” or “Group” or any other affiliation we have. Then we should try our utmost to have that mistake rectified.

But what is not correct is when a mistake is pointed out about beloved scholar or group or whatever else we are attached with, we start getting defensive and try to bring down many others with us as well. What’s so hard about saying, “Yes. That’s wrong and it should be corrected.” No Sheikh or a religious group is infallible. We all make mistakes and when they are made and they are pointed out, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t go all crazy in trying to defend an obvious wrong. All those who are not attached to that Sheikh or that group can easily tell how biased we are if we are trying to defend an obvious wrong. It takes a man to realize that yes, that is a genuine mistake and it needs to be rectified. When we start thinking that our scholars and our groups are infallible and they are free from fault and blame and they are faultless like prophets, then that’s really wrong and that needs to be corrected.

Also, if you're going to put up something online for the whole world to read and listen to, then don't start complaining when people criticize it. If it's one the World Wide Web and then don't expect only praises.

When someone praises us, we get happy and when someone criticizes us....we get..... ?

That’s Tazkiyah 101 :)

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  1. Assalamualaikum are you brother in islam?

    let's reminisce good times given.

    i enjoy your blog. barakallahu fiik.


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