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Aug 8, 2008

tabligh jamath, what on earth is this ?


Firstly may Allah forgive my mistakes, the farz and sunnah i leave and accept and help me in my effort in explaining this amazing effort in islam.

Inshallah i will try my level best to clear all your doubts, which will be possible only if Allah gives me strength.

I want people to come to a conclusion, rather than jumping here and there with their baised ideas and informations, Islam is complete, there is no doubt in it. Truth is clear from error. Islam is either do or die, there is no middle game in islam. so as the tabligh is a part of islam, it is that it should be either good or evil, there is no middle path in it.

i would request especially brothers on sunniforum who occasionally show their hatred and malice towards tabligh, to partcipate here without hiding their identity,

Note: This blog is comments moderated (ever since it was created), but anybody can leave their comment and inshaAllah it will be posted if its related to the topic even though its a bitter one

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jazakallahu khairan


  1. Assalamualeykum,

    There are fabricated ahadiths in fazail e amal. So, tj brothers shd not read such hadiths. They shd mark it out and not recite those hadiths

  2. Walaikum salam, brother

    Yes, there are and the layman should refrain from quoting it, it doesnt mean that if we dont like fazail amal we shouldnt do the work, and as per reading from fazail amal if one doesnt like it then he can read from other books like Riyadussaliheen, Muntakhab Ahadith, Hayatus sahabah inshaAllah

  3. Assalamualeykum,

    How many layman are made aware of this and how many people in tabligh jamaat actually make it a point to leave out such hadith when reading fazail e amal?
    Also, when u go on jmat, they make u read fazail e amal.

    The work of tabligh is open to all and is not trademarked.

  4. Assalamo alaikum.

    i am xs11ax from sunni forum.

    i would just like to begin by saying that i do not have hatred or malice towards tabligh jamaat, and neither is my view biased in anyway or influenced by anyone else.

    my view is influenced by my own experience of tabligh jamaat which began when i first joined with tabligh jamaat, which was when i was 12 years old until the time i completely broke away from tabligh jamaat which was when i was around 20 years old.

    in my time as a tablighi i spent a lot of time in khurooj including 6 months in USA and 4 months in indo/pak and many 40 days and 10 days, 3 days etc. i also spent a lot of time doing the local work, khidmat in the markaz and khidmat of the elders. i made many sacrifices and made my deen and dunya decisions through the mashwera of the elders in dewsbury markaz.

    i am not writing the above to show people how superior i am. i am only doing this so people may understand how i have come have a certain stance i regards to tabligh jamaat.

    firstly i would like to say that i believe there are many sincere people in tabligh jamaat who make many sacrifices and who do a lot of good work. i hope they carry on with the good work that they are doing without being influenced by some of the erroneous aspects of tabligh jamaat, but unfortunately due to the general nature of tabligh jamaat it is almost impossible not to be tainted by these influences.

    unfortunately there are certain common attitudes in tabligh jamaat that most tablighis fall into. here is just some of these attitudes.

    one is the belief that tabligh jamaat is part of islam. this is highlighted in your opening post which i reproduce here...

    "....Islam is complete, there is no doubt in it. Truth is clear from error. Islam is either do or die, there is no middle game in islam. so as the tabligh is a part of islam, it is that it should be either good or evil, there is no middle path in it."

    no muslim will doubt if islam is complete or not. no muslim will doubt if truth is clear from error or not. no muslim will doubt that there is no middle game in islam. and no muslim will doubt that tabligh is a part of islam. TABLIGH IS A PART OF ISLAM THAT ALL MUSLIMS SHOULD CARRY OUT. but there is nothing in islam that says tabligh has to be carried out through the tanzeem/group/organisation called tabligh jamaat. tabligh jamaat is not tabligh. it is just a group like many other groups that carry out the effort of tabligh.

    no one is criticising tabligh. tabligh is an obligation placed on the muslims by Allah, to carry out in this world. whereas, joining tabligh jamaat is not an obligation placed on the muslims by Allah. tabligh jamaat is a man made organisation, and like anything man made it can fall into error and corruption as it is tainted by the mistakes of insan. granted tabligh jamaat was a blessing by Allah and Moulana Ilyas (ra) received divine help, but Allah made no such promises that tabligh jamaat will not fall into error. even Moulana Ilyas (ra) talked about tabligh falling into error if certain guidelines are not followed.


    another belief that tabligh jamaat sathis usually have is that the elders of tabligh jamaat should never be questioned, scrutinised or doubted in any way whatsoever, and those who do doubt them are doubting tabligh jamaat and tabligh itself and ultimately islam itself.

    we are not shias. we do not believe our elders to be masoom. we are not barelwis. we do not hero worship our elders like the barelwis do to their pirs. but unfortunately questioning the elders of tabligh is seen as a taboo subject almost to the point of blasphemy.

    just like any other human, the elders of erred in many ways. this is human nature after all. this is not the problem. the problem is the attitude that the elders can never make mistakes.

    some people argue that do the work of tabligh and do not worry about what the elders are doing. the problem with this attitude is that whatever the elders decide trickles down to the general tablighi sathis and affects them in their day to day life.


    (through out my post i have used the term tabligh jamaat and assumed tabligh jamaat is an organisation that carrys out the effort of tabligh. i would just like to point out that the founder of tabligh jamaat Moulana Ilyas (ra) did not assign this name and the mission of tabligh to tabligh jamaat. rather, Moulana Ilyas (ra) said that if i were to give a name to this jamat then i would call it 'islahi jamaat' (jamaat of self rectification). also tabligh was just one part of islahi jamaat. islahi jamaat also had a close connection to the khanqah and tassawuf.)

    May Allah forgive me for any errors i have made in my above post.

    May Allah grant us all guidance and keep us on the right path.

    May Allah keep us all united in islam regardless of the differences we may have on some issues.


  5. walaikum salam

    brother, the point of hadith's in fazail e amal is not a part of Aqeedah(because its not a book of aqeedah). its just for information. please ask the scholors on that issue..

    as for layman, they shouldnt use the fabricated hadiths in their general speeches, unfortunately many people dont know it, because the work of tabligh has gone too deep, inshaAllah Allah will soon clear this error.

    but i feel and a common sense is the person(who was away from deen) who reads fazail amal in masjid is better than those who dont even attend masjids. If you have more doubts about fabricated hadiths and their usage please ask the scholors inshaAllah

    jazakallahu khairan

    and next time u post plz tell ur identity

  6. Walaikum salam brother xs11ax

    i am happy that you took time and posted on my blog

    i understand where you come from and the work u have done in tabligh,

    tell me please make it clear to you, tabligh is an obligation and it can be done in many ways, for tabligh there is no such rule like you have in namaz and roza, because tabligh is a amal where you need your common sense rather than rules.

    tabligh jamath(as it is called)is indeed a group, which is following one of the numerous ways in which it can be done, as far as the work is concerned there is no error in the work, its the best practice which Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has followed in the initial stages of islam, unfortunately today most of the ummah is same as it was in the period of jahiliyah, so its better for us (according to tabligh jamaths elders opinion) to follow the same sunnah which Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has followed

    i stand by the statement, it has no error, because when i say the way of tabligh it means its the sunnah way, and sunnah way cannot be wrong, adaab and usul of tabligh are related to people who organise and follow the work. and there is no need for every human to follow the same usools which are laid a group of people, because they are neither farz nor sunnah, but the overall way of tabligh is the sunnah way and there is nothing for some one to point out.

    and if some people(or consider most) who follow it do the error, then it no way reflects the work and the way it is done, just like if most of the muslims doesnt read namaz then it doesnt mean that its a part of islam and i too shouldnt read it.

    bcoz just a few people do mistakes it a fooolish act to leave the work of tabligh, yes, if you dont like this way you can adopt another one, but catching the errors of few people and blaming the complete group is an evil act, just like catching some non-practicing muslims and saying this is islam.

    you have shown this thing many times on sunniforum, when ever some one asks his doubts about tabligh, then you jump in with your old stories, what is the point of that, if u have problem with a few people, then blame them, why do u blame tabligh jamath for that, its as foolish as blaming the namazis because he is also a namazi,

    i never said tabligh jamats is the only work and only this should be done, and saying thus is the foolishness, and if anybody says so he is also a fool, we can say its one of the best (i know you cant digest it :), but its the truth). and in india we have many jamaths working together, so there is actually no difference among the works, yes i agree some people are of different mind, but thier belief is their own belief, not the belief of tabligh jamath

    if u dont have malice, then why did u say the one who doesnt have amir then shaitan becomes its amir, isnt this your hatred, otherwise why would you have used such a big word, have u ever think of the meaning behind it, first of all do u have the knowledge of how we should talk about other muslims. if u have u wouldnt have uttered such a big word, this clearly shows ur hatred towards them

    finally, this little information about me should help you, to understand this beautiful effort
    - i dont join my masjids gushts, i dont sit in my masjids mashwara, i dont sit in their talim,i do that very rarely, but i do meet people, i talk to them about islam(not just six points), i never say them to go in jamath (unless i meet them speacially for tashkil)
    - i dont read fazail e amal (in jamats i listen to it, just for information, unless i know the proof i dont believe anything, nor do i recommend anyone to read it (its my personal opinion)
    -there are many more things about me, my aqeedah and other things, which even the members of sunniforum know

    yet i am with tabligh jamath, because there is no restriction in tabligh jamath that if u follow it, u should be like this, i believe and its unfortunate that u had such a belief when u were in tabligh jamath and later u realised some thing and u still believe everyone is like as you were(yes there may be some)

    with peace and love

    your tablighi brother Abdul Quddus

    and i again say there is no error in the way tabligh jamath is doing the work

  7. so you are saying humans cannot make mistakes or cannot be corrupted?

  8. I live in a small community in which due the the effort of a Tablighi Jamaat our masjid was established. May Allah bless this effort.

  9. ===============================================
    so you are saying humans cannot make mistakes or cannot be corrupted?

    i am saying humans make mistakes and can be corrupted, but we dont leave our deeds bcoz someone else has made mistake

    The way of tabligh is according to sunnah and if some XYZ makes mistake, its foolish to leave the sunnah and the command of Allah.

    and we are leaving it by seeing mistakes of people means, that we were not following a command but people

    yes u can follow other sunnah ways of doing tabligh, but criticizing this effort means ur critizing sunnah, if u have some problems with some people, keep it with them, when we talk about those people, u can criticize them

    but when ever we talk about work of tabligh, whats the point of criticizing the people, its just like we start a topic on namaz and u come and say some Xy a old namazi has done this and that. it means ur not having a problem with him but his namaz, if u had a problem with him then why would u bring namaz in between which is duty of all muslims.

    similarly when ever we talk of tabligh u bring people doing the work and doing bad things, it means ur having problems with tabligh itself.

    if Allah explains us, then only we can understand it and if Allah closes the heart then even Prophets cant explain.

    the work of tabligh is according to command of Allah and sunnah, there is no error in it, just as there is no error in other commands and deeds.

    there is a 100% chance of people reading namaz and haj doing the mistakes which the people in tabligh do. as we dont leave namaz or haj by seeing their mistakes, so we should also not leave the work of tabligh by seeing their mistakes

    and Mufti nawal ur rahman once said here, if someone leaves the work of tabligh bcoz some other person has done a mistake, then till today he wasnt doing the work for Allah, but he was doing it for people.

    and if someone leaves tabligh by weakness and not able to spend time for that then it is another thing

  10. Assalamu Alaikum
    Im ziaadmjm from sunniforum.

    Iv heard in a bayan that Moulana Ilyas (rah) once said(Ill try to put the exact wording) "There is nothing wrong or no deficiencies in the work of da'wa (thabligh jamath). And If there was any it will be the people who do the work of da'wa". So judging tabligh jamath by the people who do the work is totally wrong, bcoz man is created between wrong and forgetfulness. Judge the work through the actions of the work not through the people.
    Brother xs11ax shaitaan corrupts a person through many ways. One main arrow of his is to show the bad sides of a prominent person doing the work and linking that with the work of da'wa. As brother abdul quddus said, do the work for the sake of Allah and not for anyone else. Then any other persons actions wont affect you in doing the work.
    If you are sure that a person is doing the wrong thing, then the best solution for that is to make dua on behalf of that person.

    Hope i havnt said anything wrong. if i hav please forgive me...
    May Allah give you the correct understanding of the work of da'wa.

    Allah knows best.


  11. Please ask all the peoples / writers to write Allah name in capital only ...

  12. Assalamu 'Alaicum,

    Do you live near Deoband madrasah ?

  13. walaikum salam

    No, i dont live near Deoband

  14. Aslam o Alikum,

    Dear brothers i have read the conversation but no clear picutre. please try to come with facts and athenticity from Quran or Ahadis.
    Bro Abul Qudos i am sorry i am not impressed the way u wrote it is showing the attitue u have aganist the criticism over your people which is supproting xs11ax comments. please try to accept criticism in this way you can impress more people.
    May Allah give us the Strenght follwo the right path.


  15. walaikum salam

    i dont bother if some one criticizes people of tabligh, they are most welcome, even Prophets and sahaba were critisized, no one is free from critisizm.
    but brother xs11ax has problems with work of tabligh which is sunnah. to understand this, u have to read all his discussions on sunniforum.

    but inshaAllah i hope he will change his attitude of judging tabligh based on attitude of some people

    p.s: i didnt start this thread to impress people, i wanted to clear truth

    jazakAllahu khairan

  16. Assalamualaikum brothers
    Brother Abdul Quddus its true what you say, u see i wasnt a practising muslim, although my father was a student from the Medina University. By Allah's Grace I have changed my ways and during the transition, my Iman was at its lowest levels. The point is only at that time did I feel a temptation to join tabligh jamaat. After the process I felt no urge to join the tabligh. I have learnt a lot since then, mashallah. But you say tabligh follows the sunna, while it does not go to the extreme like shiaism, its not the sunnah, bcoz nowhere in authentic hadeeth have I come across anything where the Prophet (sal) went around telling ppl to come to the mosque, nowhere have I found that he used to where a uniform like tabligh does, nowhere have I seen sahabaa leaving their family going on unnecessary trips, when you can learn about Islam at home and in ur local mosque. The only times they left their families were only at the do or die situations. Also its true about the blind faith u have on ur elders. I have asked many highly learned muslim scholars about the tabligh, dont take offence, but they said that it is a Montessori school of thought, while its founder moulana Ilyas was a great great man. His followers still practice only his introductory teachings. I have also found many evidence of tabligh fabricating hadees, now im not blaming tabligh itself but these ar not normal ppl, these ar tabligh preachers and higher ups. Could u explain how u say that tabligh follows the sunnah?
    When the prophet himself said to follow the quran and sunnah. Isnt that enough?

    While I admit that tabligh have done some good, I do not c how they follow the sunnah.

  17. Assalamualaikum
    Im not impressed by ur comments Abdul Quddus, you dont invite constructive critisism, that in itself shows there is something wrong with ur movement, If you ar convinced that tabligh is sunnah then bring out ur proof.
    Dont keep saying its sunnah its sunnah.
    Im sorry if im harsh. But you dont know how to handle critisism.

    Nothing personal
    Wa sallams

  18. walaikum salam

    jazakAllah for your concerns

    i will reply as soon as i get sufficent time to pen down the matter

    jazakAllah for ur patience

  19. May be you could change the title into 'Tablighi jamath, what on earth is this?' as mentioning hell with this work does not seem appropriate to me although a familiar expression.
    But it's only my thought.


  20. fazaile amaal is a book encouraging good deeds and is not a book of aqeedah.
    furthermore, althout it contains daeef hadith, it does NOT contain fabricated ahadeeth. This is a rumour spread by certain people through hearsay and false information.

    secondly, if you have a problem with elders etc, do you really think blabbing about it on on the net is a good idea. have a problem, go speak to who you have a problem with, not on the net in the process making an entire group of muslims in that light.

  21. Walaikumsalam brother xs11ax,

    Even our eldest said that, "if ever any other jammat (other than tabligh jamat), has the very similir criteria and the whole set of life of Rasulullas s.a.w inside it as their life prcatise, including the mindset (fikir of Rasullah s.a.w) the fikrah (life practise of Rasulullah s.a.w), then, you should follow them and put your life effort to that jamaat."

    so, the point is, have you found any other jamaat with the whole spec of mentioned above,other than tabligh jamaat? somemore, you have to remember, that the jamaat (kuntum khaira ummah) wasnt sent for the specific country or district only, but it has to be worldwide.And they have to be "in uniform" WAY, WHICH MEANS THAT, ONCE PEOPLE SEE IT, THEY ALREADY RECOGNISE WHICH JAMAAT IS IT.

    have you ever pay any anual fee in the tabligh jamaat? other than our little qurban which wanst ever going to be fixed for us to give or not.

    Personally, i think, the only reason to leave out tabligh jamaat, would be that day Imam Mahdi being rised as savoiur...

    meanwhile, stop arguing and just do the work. As long we fully Oblogated to Allah, according to the sunnah of Rasulullah s.a.w, victory is our's..


    p/s: btw, who even said this tabligh jamaat is even tabligh jamaat? who even said it has a name?have it being registered in the registrat of societies?
    maulana said, "if this jamaat has a name, i would like to call it as , "the jamaat that put effort for their iman..."."

  22. Hmmm... Couldn't agree more with 'Br. bugmenot'. I have had this thought since the very first day of the existence of this post but couldn't express it since then.


  23. A basic common-sense is sufficient evidence; about T.J. being an ERRONEOUS PATH; a BIDAAH.

    The adherents of T.J. proclaim that their work is to follow THE MOST STRONGEST SUNNAH; practised by the PROPHET & HIS ASHAAB constantly without fail throughout their lives. And this is the most highest responsible religious obligation.

    Then how come majority (virtually all) of the T.J. 'Ulema are never seen practising this ritual constantly. There may be sporadic instances of 'Ulema participating ONE-OFF.

    When I argue with this basic question to my T.J. friends, they remark. The 'Ulema have higher responsibilities to perform..... Makes me LAUGH.....

    I also ask them, this work began somewhere during early 1920s.

    So it was something newly invented then? Which is exactly what Bida'ah means.

    And what would happen to the Muslims before 1920s? My T.J. friends say, they will burn in hell. And I ask this will then also include your forefathers. And they say Yes.

    Isnt it so SAD to accuse billions of muslims prior to 1920s; and brand them as HELL-BOUND.

    In fact the earlier Muslims would have thousands of Awliyaa amidst them. The Sunni Muslims are the true Muslims in aqeedah. Al Firqat Al Najiyyah....

    I am only doing Al Amru Bi'l Ma'aruf...



    All praise is due to Allah and may Allah's peace and blessings be upon His messenger (saws). Verily the best speech is the book of Allah and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alaihiwasallam and the worst of affairs are the newly invented matters and every innovation is misguidance and all misguidance is in the fire. (Sahih Muslim Eng. Trans. Vol. 2 Page 40 no. 1885). To proceed: The religion of Islam is that which has been ordained by Allah, fully explained by the prophet sallallahu alaihiwasallam as understood and practised by the salaf-us-saliheen (the pious predecessors which includes the Sahâbah, Tabi'een and their followers).

    The Sunnah has been preserved in its pristine purity in the books of Sunnah only because of the chain of narrators (isnaad) reaching up to the Prophet sallallahu alaihiwasallam, has been meticulously preserved by the Muhadditheen (Scholars of Ahaadeeth). In the words of Abdullah Ibn al-Mubarak (died 181 A.H.) on of the very illustrious teachers of Imam al-Bukhari, who said. "The isnaad is part of the religion and had it not been for the isnaad, whoever wished would have said whatever he liked". Reported by Imam Muslim in the introduction to his Sahih. (Sharh Sahih Muslim - Arabic Vol. 1 Page 87 published by Darul Kuthubul-Islamiyyah, Lebanon).

    This book is not a fazail-e-Aamaal Combat Kit, But is an Enlightening insight in to the Scholars and Founding Fathers of Deoband and their Sufistic Beliefs, As Deoband have been looked upon as the good Guys and the Barelwis as the Bad Guys, However after reading the writings of the revered scholars and Founder of Deoband one Realizes that the difference between the Barelwis and the Deobandis is Miniscule and they both Share the Same Sufistic Beliefs of PIRS, FAKIRS, MIRACULOUS POWERS OF SAINTS, APPROVAL OF GRAVE WORSHIP, ZIKR, MEDITATIONS, MOKSHA, TAWASSUL, LOOKING DOWN UPON JANNAH, DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS WITH ALLAAH and many other same beliefs. One is forced to conclude that this dangerous misinterpretation and twisting of Islaamic beliefs and practices has been deliberate, oft repeated and has been purposely concealed from the common man, This can in no way be attributed to ignorance on the part of the Deoband Leaders.

  25. asak....
    having read all ur comments i wanna clear some of ur doubts...
    as 1 of my dear bro.. sed dat tablighi jamaat is a partv of islam ... i wanna mak 1 thing clear....
    though i m not a very good muslim but haan i hav a clear picture dat daawah is farz for all ummate muhammadiya...
    n dey r doing dat... dear judge a thing by its positiv points n not by its srt comings...ask urself dat how much u hav contributed to islam on ur part... n surely u will find loop holes in u...
    n bout fazail aamaal...
    d aalims r of openion dat if a hadith in case i it is zaeef compels u to do a thing wch is acceptable to ALLAH der is no harm... unless n until it contradicts basic teachings of islam...
    n fazaael amaal deals wid fazaiel n not masail... means wat r d rewards if we do something good is fazail...
    n way of doing is massael...
    i hope i have cleard my stand....

  26. reply to anonymous comment....

    dear bro....
    dawah is farz...
    n wat d jammaat do is 100% dawah.. n nothing else...
    n i u want a proof read chater 4.. n u will get to know...
    n one thing to keep in mind dat we dont go to teach oders but 4 getting hidayah in our life...
    go wid light heart in jamaat see ur self n u will realize...
    but haan after cool mind... n after removing all hatered...
    dawah is n order n as sed n shown by our messenger pbuh

  27. Just read all these comments and nothing special i have got to mention here but i have my own story to narrate because brother xs11ax told us his story.
    I got some similarities with brother xs11ax's story.
    In 2004, i went to UK and i was 24 at that time.I was a brelwi follower and i thought most of the guys in tableigh have got the same background.
    I was studying there and doing job as well.I was very regular in praying five times SALAH in pakistan but in UK i was preferring my job and study our SALAH.
    One day some people came there,where i was living and talked with me and asked me to come in mosqe.
    I went with them and after the prayer, there was a talk as well.After the talk ,i asked some questions with one of those people who came at my place.
    I said how can i pray salah during my job,its almost impossible.
    One of those guys said "search for another job where you can pray and as soon as you got that just leave this job" and then he told his story. He was a bus driver and on day he asked his supervisor that today is friday so i can do the job today because i have to pray.
    Supervisor asked at what time you will pray.
    He said around 2 o clock.
    supervisor said ok, we will give you break at that time.
    We will send a new driver at that time.
    But at the time of jumah prayer ,they didn't send any replacement there and that guy just left the bus with full of passengers at the road and went to the mosque.
    Nextday, they asked him ,why you did that.He said,i told you already.
    After that ,they provide a prayer place in Garage(Willesden Bus Garage) for all muslim drivers who want to pray.
    This is only the one story,i can tell you many stories of UK,where people embraced in Islam due to this work of Tableigh.In my our university, university of Greenwich, we have got two prayer rooms there and we have got a big hall for jumah prayer as well.
    I have got these issues with tableighi people which brother xs11ax mentioned but Please Remember one thing,Most of the people in tableighi jamat don't have much religious knowledge,because it is a mobile learning school,you just go there and learn about the basics of Islam and propagate that as well as learning.Its a worrying concern that how someone can go to paradise and save himself and him family from hellfire .You should have firm believe in Allah swt That is; He creater and provider of everything and you can pick any one in tableigh and ask him to praise Allah swt or ask him to give introduction of Allah swt.He will introduce you,why is that because today we are lacking this,In india,pakistan and bangladesh, the picture of islam is different from other muslim countries.We asian muslims got Hindu culture not islamic culture.our marriages,day to day activities got alot of customs and habits of Hindus because most of us are converted muslim(forefathers).
    If You want to talk against tableigh then tell me ,is there any group who is doing this work of tableigh(DAWA)preeching.
    To the nearest meaning of a hadith, There should be a group in muslims who ask people for good and stop them from doing evil.
    Sorry,if i hurt someone.If you are not sure which one is right and which one is wrong.Then pray 2 rakat salat ul hajat and ask Allah swt to guide you to the right path.
    Please don't play with people believe,you will be questioned on the day of judgment.If you ask some one to pray namaz and he starts praying then you will get virtue as well.And if you do other way round then you will be punished as well.
    Don't support those who are just taking money to deliver a speech on islam.Do you think they are spreading islam.
    Or those who are spending their time and wealth,just to convince muslims to pray, do good and prevent from evil.
    forgive me if i hurt some one.
    Allah hafiz

  28. Salam

    Could I please join the discussion, as I too was part of the Tablighi Jamat

    Mohammad (London)

  29. note: email removed from this post


    brother, my name is Muhammed Sakhawatul Islam, i am from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    i never took part in tabligh jamat nor had i ever read fazail e amal. and, i have no intention to do these in the future either.i will express my opinion of tabligh jamat as seen by a general muslim.

    if the intention of taligh jamat is dawah, then why not they read from the Qur'an Sharif, directly? that is what our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) himself did. what make them think they got a better book!!

    point two, true meaning of tablig - which is obligatory on every muslim, in one form or other - is lost, it has become synonimous with tablig jamat. only this reason is enough for me to oppose activities of tabligh jamat.

    point three, what on earth is iztema? people r getting misconceptions about it being some holy occasion! some ignorants, which are growing in number, has the ultimate audacity to call it mini - hajj!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop it right now. it has potential to become the biggest bid'at in Islamic history.

    it is not good to see that something with such a noble intention becoming so dangerous in against the real purpose. i have other minor observations which i will share provided i get a response on this post.

    May Allah guide us all.

    p.s. if u respond, please send a notification to my email address

  30. Assalamua'laikum

    jazkaAllah for all your questions brothers, i am busy for some days inshaAllah, i will reply to all your queries


  31. Dear Mohammad Sakhawatul
    Point 1 Answer: There are verses of quran in Fazail-e-Amaal and other books of tableghi jamaat. Infact each chapter starts with a section having verses of quran.Don't you believe in Ahadith.So Why you are asking Tableeghi should only read Quran.

    Point 2 Answer: Can you prove it from Quran?
    Point 3 Answer: Do have any evidence that our mashaikh said so and so about Ijtema as a mini Hajj? How do you define Bida'at? Prove the definition of Bid'at from Quran if you can?

  32. Asslamo Allaikum Brother & Siste

    Tableeghi Jamaat (organisation in English) is not a registered party, group or organisation as such; therefore there is no membership.

    Even the name 'Tableeghi Jamaat' was not given by any of the scholars who are involved it; it is affectionately called that in India/Pakistan becauase the group is involved in Tableegh (Dawah: propagation of Islam).

    Tableegh (Dawah: propagation of Islam) is a DUTY on all Muslims & it is born out of many verses of the Qu'raan and Ahadeeth, such as:

    And whose words can be better than his, who calls (people) towards Allah, and performs good deeds, and says: " I am one of those who submit to Allah

    "(O Prophet! Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) preach to them (the Truth), for preaching proves very beneficial for the Believers

    O Muslims! there must be a group among you who would invite people to Good; and would command them to do good deeds, and would prevent them from forbidden things; and these are the people who will attain salvation. " (Surah Aal-i - Imran: 104)

    Tableegh (Dawah: propagation of Islam) is something that the Muslims have been pretty lax in the last 800 years so it was restarted and organised by a scholar of India called Maulana Ilyas (RA)

  33. Assalamua'laikum

    For now this should help

    Work of tabligh in Quran and sunnah

  34. Dear Brother Shakhawatul,

    Assalamu aalaikum,

    I am also from Bangladesh and with this tablighi work for a while. Let me share my views on your opinion:

    >>if the intention of taligh jamat is dawah, then why not they read from the Qur'an Sharif, directly? that is what our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) himself did. what make them think they got a better book!!<<

    Ans: The prophet(SA) did not read out from the Quran to the non-Muslims to invite them to Islam.

    >>point two, true meaning of tablig - which is obligatory on every muslim, in one form or other - is lost, it has become synonimous with tablig jamat. only this reason is enough for me to oppose activities of tabligh jamat.<<

    Ans:The true, selfless tabligh is a rareity: very few people in fact are engaged in calling humans to Allah without worldy gains;except for the christian missionaries.You can find such people in Jamah Tabligh.

    >>point three, what on earth is iztema? people r getting misconceptions about it being some holy occasion! some ignorants, which are growing in number, has the ultimate audacity to call it mini - hajj!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop it right now. it has potential to become the biggest bid'at in Islamic history.<<
    Ans: People compare Ijtima with Hajj in terms of turnout i.e how many people are attending.

    >>it is not good to see that something with such a noble intention becoming so dangerous in against the real purpose. i have other minor observations which i will share provided i get a response on this post.<<

    Ans: You may not have an objective observation as you have pre-conceived prejudiced against this work.

    Munirul Haque

  35. Salam
    I takeTablighi jamat as a reform movement trying to educate the ignorant masses about the basic faraid required in islam.
    Fadaileamal is more of a handbook which enables a person to propagate his message.(I dont think that a tablighi will object to reading the Quran or hadith).
    As for the daif hadith why dont the tablighi scholars write a new version of this book removing the daif hadith.
    Anyway keep up the good work.
    -Just A muslim

  36. Assalamua'laikum

    Fazail e amal is just a book to inspire, it is not a book of aqeedah or verdicts that we are asked to follow it.

    Since it is not a book of aqeedah or jurisprudence, the status of hadiths is not a major issue for that book

    In the matter of aqeeda and fiqh only we take the complete saheeh hadith

    JazakAllahu Khairan

  37. salaam,

    quote from abdul Quddus...
    "but brother xs11ax has problems with work of tabligh which is sunnah. to understand this, u have to read all his discussions on sunniforum."

    let me clarify. i DO NOT have a problem with the act of tabligh. i DO NOT have a problem with the sunnah. i DO NOT have a problem with the effort started by Moulana Ilyas (ra).

    i DO have a problem with the tablighis of today who do not even understand the effort that was started by Moulana Ilyas (ra).

    there was no such thing as 'tabligh jamaat'. Moulana Ilyas (ra) made efforts to bring the laymen to the ulama to learn the deen and to bring the laymen to the khanqah to clean their hearts. in order to facilitate this he encouraged people to call others towards this in a structured manner.

    the preaching part of this effort of Moulana Ilyas (ra) was not the end goal, but it was just the means. the goal was to bring the laymen back to the ulama and back to the khanqahs.

    a layman in tabligh will not be able to diagnose the spiritual ailments of another layman in tabligh and clean his heart.
    a layman in tabligh will not be able to teach another layman in tabligh about the masa'il of deen. so what is tabligh? it is an effort to bring the layman to the person who WILL be able to diagnose and clean his heart. it is an effort to bring the layman to the person who WILL be able to teach him the masa'il of the deen.

    but unfortunately tabligh today has become an entity in itself. it is no longer the means but the goal in itself.

    the person who really has a problem with tabligh is abdul Quddus. not me. i dont have a problem with tabligh. but what you see today is not tabligh. that is what i have a problem with, and abdul Quddus has a problem with the real 'tabligh' as carried out by Moulana Ilyas (ra) and the other mashaikh of the past.

    i will leave you with a couple of glimpses from the true 'tabligh jamaat' of the past....

    [from Maulana Muhammad Aslam Shaikhupuri (db)]...
    He (Moulana Ilyas (ra))wrote to Shaykh al-Hadith Maulana Zakariyya (ra), "I have an old wish, THAT THESE GROUPS BENEFIT FROM THE KHANQAHS, KEEPING TO ALL THE MANNERS OF THE KHANQAHS, and that the missionary work be done in PARTICULAR TIMINGS in surrounding villages. (Please) make a plan concerning this after council with the coming groups.

    ....The founder of the Jama'ah always tried to link the workers of Tabligh to the 'Ulama. He used to stress the importance of 'Ulama, the need to benefit from them, the rewards of meeting them, and used to teach the manners of talking to them. He used to educate the workers to take the best possible explanation of things they did not understand and keep their faith in the scholars.

    [from Moulana Abd al-Hafiz Makki (ra)]....
    There numerous accounts from many persons who had met Hazrat Maulana Ilyas (R) that it was the standing practice at Bangla-Wali Masjid in Nizamuddin for the people to awaken in the latter part of the night to offer their Tahajjud Salaah and then engage in loud Zikr in the Masjid and the courtyard, right until the time of Fajr Jamaat.

    In 1959 and 1960, in the era of Maulana Yusuf (R), I personally witnessed many people engaging in loud Zikr before the Fajr Jamaat inside and outside the Masjid. The entire Masjid area would reverberate with the sound of their loud Zikr.

    lets see if you post this moderator saheb.....

  38. Assalamu aaleykum,

    Very clearly there is no doubt that tableigh jamath is in KUFR. Please go to the link below which is the FATWA OF KUFR issued by IMAMS of MAKKAH and MADINAH against tableigh heads for
    1. comparing HOLY PROPHET'S knowledge with animals,
    2. saying IBLIS is having more knowledge than HOLY PROPHET,
    3. There is a possibility of being another PROPHET.

    Please go through the link which clearly says who wrote like that and in which book.

  39. @ Mohammed Qadiri

    Your claim is false

    Allah knows best


  40. ya allah plz giv us understanding of deen.
    dear brothers ask for hidayat and istikamat in your daily prayers.
    this era is full of fitna,dont ever debate with dua 4unity for ummah and this work is for our self hidayat with doing fikr of whole ummah as our responsibility.
    brothers do it with ikhlaas,n see our self shortcommings,so u will not be down u will be content.


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