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Mar 1, 2009

New pets


my alltime favourite pets are pigeons, when i was small we had more than 20 in my home and we have shifted to a new house and it doesnt have open place, my mother strongly disapproves if i say that i am going to bring some pets, still this time i am planning to get a pair of fan tail pigeons, i am much confused about the color, though i like white, the problem is they get dirt on them soon and look ugly, now we cant make them bath by force you seee, they should have that commonsense of when to take a bath :)

now that i have said, i am gonna get this one, my old memories have brought tears into my eyes, so let me show you what i had as pets when i was small

1. pigeons - around 20
we had many colorful normal pigeons and my dream was to buy a fantail, which are costlier and as a child i wouldnt have efforted that much then. and my mom used to be angry with the one i already had

2. geese - around 10 to 15 (yes, we also had a swimming pool for them), and we also had those cutie yellow babies, fortunately everyone in my family liked them, when we were removing away all these geese since we had to go to new house, finally we had only one pair with one cutie small geese, a man came to even take them away, he brougt a small basket to keep that cutie in, when he kept that inside, it jumped out and came into my home again, as i loved them so much and i was a child, i started to cry like a mad, there were relatives in my house and all of them couldnt control me, oh! man i am getting emotional even now, inshaAllah i will also get them, but from where i will get those old one which i had from the day i really had consiousness :(

other story i had to tell about this, we had all white cheese, they were also present in my school but they were colorful one, so my school people asked me to exchange one colorful one with a white, i agreed. they came and took one white cheese from my home and kept one colorful one, in lunch i used to go to the place where these were kept, so that white one would come and stand near me and shout and it used to be away from other cheese, i saw that for four or five days, then i asked my school people that i want to take away my cheese, i said to them the one which you kept isnt taking any food and is becoming weak, first they didnt agree but later i asked them again and again and one day i took it away to my home, i was talking it in an open rikhshaw, when i was about half kilometer away from my home, the cheese with me again started to shout, when we came a bit near, now the one at home also started to shout, that cheese with me jumped down from the rikhshaw and it flew away to my home, yes they can fly, if they fly near by the ground, u can see the particles on ground moving, i felt so much happy that day and it was one of my happiest moment of my life
(kindly note: these geese looks so cute, but these are dangerous birds, i can say, they are just like equal to keeping dogs, when some one came to our house, we had to go upto the entrance to get them, people would fear that much of them, if a geese hits us with its wing, then that part of the body doesnt feel any sense for hours, there are also chances that it may rip your flesh off with its peak)

3. ducks - four
we had only four ducks and the main problem with them was they would lat eggs in the pool

4. hens -many varities, more than 15

yeah we had a so much of space in our old house, but the new one also has same area but its all built ( and i hate it:( ),

i feel so much happy today, because i went back to my happy childhood days, and now that i have grown up, no body will stop me from getting those again :)


  1. thats cute post

  2. Assalam Alaikum,

    Such great memories :) When I was still visiting my father's side of the family and was real young my grandparents had a very large place where we had ducks and geese too. They were adorable, especially the babies.


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