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Jul 12, 2009

Clearing the misconceptions about graves in Markaz


seeing all the junk spread about markaz nizamuddin, i tried to give here a brief explanation about where are graves and the status given to them at markaz

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check this link : click here



  1. Jazakallahu khair for the links that given about the graves in markaz.And who are the fellows misguiding the ummah they sooner see which is correct.I am a big sinner which effort of thabligh make a change in my life.May almighty allah exept the works of thbligh and forgive all our sins.Jazakallah again

  2. hey mr deobandi can u also defend and explain why in the annual jalsa of dar-ul-uloom deoband the tablighi deobandi molvis invited hindu pandits. and the huge gathering was listening to the mantirs of hinduism for the first time.
    (reference daily Aghaz: 9-11-2009)

  3. i know u wan't publish ma comments, i just want to tell u that tablighi tariq jameel went Pakpatan and visited mazar and prayed.
    now are u not mushrik or at least munafik?
    Refrence Qaumi akhbar 10-11-2009

  4. Assalamua'laikum if you are a muslim

    Firstly who said to you that I am a deobandi ?

    Secondly if tariq jamail went and prayed at mazhar then how will I become a mushrik or atleast munafiq ?

  5. ALHAM-DU-LILLAH yes a muslim but not the one who are funded by india.
    and i m amazed that how much munafik u ppl are..
    u r saying u r not deobandi?? having all speeches of deobandi molvis, books of deobandis, tablighi nisab, tablighis are ofcourse deobandis, and fatwas of darul uloom deoband.
    and finally i m ok if u dont follow tariq jameel but than just say a word against his act, like u ppl do against other muslims who go at Mazars.
    and also get fatwa from darul uloom deoband about the annual gathering i've discussed earlier

  6. Assalamua'laikum

    Hmm so since when is deoband is funding muslims, as far as i know it works from the funds of muslims :)

    Yes i am a tablighi, but not a deobandi, since i follow the same hanafi fiqh, i use their books and speeches, though i differ on some things with them

    If you search my blog and website, you will find articles of maliki scholar Suhaib webb too

    And tariq jamil will not pray to graves, if he just visited one, then its not a problem at all as it is proved from Prophet(SAS) to visit a grave

    JazakAllahu khairan

  7. qabar parasti is shirk not going on mazar, but at this time we see the shamfull things on mazars similar to mandar. so the olia ALLAH are not wrong but the stupid are there doing their business & selling olia ALLAH name are wrong. we have a big rference of MUHAMMAD SAW that he dont given permission to worship the graves.

  8. Assalamua'laikum

    Absolutely worshiping to graves is shirk

    and dear commenter's please post your names at least to differentiate

    JazakAllahu khairan

  9. Ghulam Nabi says: deobandis dont use term MAZAR but u ppl r using thats good.
    and it was the first time any deobandi visited any mazar.
    Any Ahlesunnat Aalim does not say that go and and worship Mazar. and i dont think anyone do worship mazar. but u ppl call all Ahlesunnat Mushrik..
    And i m observing that u r ignoring my another question regarding "deoband conference" ???

  10. Assalamua'laikum

    Yes, deoband conference, it was to voice against terrorism. Whats the problem with that ?

  11. Assalamu √°laikum,

    I think TJ pretty mmuch needs to accept jihad as part of islam. Pls stop supporting äpolitical nature of TJ in SF.


  12. Tariq jamil visit to a Mazar vedio can be seen on youtube in which it is clear how they have turned the mushrik people thought through their God blessed manner and that visit was totaly a tabligh visit not to worship. it can be seen in prophet life.
    Second about deobandi confrence, the scholar has tried everytime hindu authority people not permitted in conference but as deoband is india a hindu rules country so when their only high authority person want to be present for a short time they are permitted unintentionaly...this is not a invitation or repeatition , it happen small no time.

  13. Assalamua'laikum SAL,

    A muslim who doesn't accept Jihad as a part of Islam is a kafir. But there is a lot of difference between Jihad and Terrorism. TJ and all other true scholars doesnt support Terrorism.

    Allah knows best

  14. no matter what if we call our selves munslims then we must do tabligh..this is why we have been put on the face of this earth...not to worship any graves..

  15. If anybody has Maulana Yunus of Puna bayan, please send me.

  16. Assalamua'laikum

    brother Qamar, i think you requested this before but I am sorry I dont have his bayans, there was a thread on about him, please search it inshaAllah

  17. o muslim! y r u 4getting our main priority ie an aqimud deen n involving in less imp things!!!

  18. people just look at the faults of the tabghli brothers...its time brothers start looking at the huge great impact this work of the prophet SAW has on the islamic all fields.May ALLAH guide us all.

  19. I go with tabligh jamaat and listen to speeches of Dr Tahir ul Qadri.Am I on the right path?

  20. Brother please ignore all the salafi / ahl-e-hadeeth people posting here. They're only here to argue with and attack other Muslims, and they only blindly believe what their "scholars" tell them. Even if you showed them 1,000 daleels it wouldn't be enough, for some of them. That's real "blind following."


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